Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Answers to Our Most Common Questions

What's it like to be in a business fraternity?

Membership in Alpha Kappa Psi has both the social and philanthropic opportunities of a social fraternity, while providing you the opportunity to develop yourself professionally. Brothers begin their development during the recruitment process, continuing to learn as a pledge and as a Brother. Our Fraternity offers leadership experience through case competitions and internships, opportunities to learn professional skills through etiquette dinners and business conferences, and will teach you how to network and how to leverage those relationships throughout your career.

Why should I join Alpha Kappa Psi?

By bringing together people that share the same field and interests, and further developing their skills and talents in that field, they are able to capitalize on networking, professional development, and furthering every member's careers and opportunities in that given field. Any recruiter will tell you, it's not what you've learned in a classroom that is important; it is your ability to apply that knowledge. A professional fraternity gives you an opportunity to assume leadership positions and to organize and coordinate events to demonstrate your ability to do just that."

Who can join Alpha Kappa Psi?

Men and women, from all schools and majors, interested in professional development are eligible to apply for membership. Students involved in other organizations, including Greek fraternities and sororities, are eligible as well.

Can women join the fraternity?

Yes. Alpha Kappa Psi has welcomed women since 1976.

What is the minimum GPA for recruitment?

The minimum GPA to apply for membership is a 3.0. If you do not meet this prerequisite, we encourage you to apply as soon as you are eligible.

What is a bid?

A "bid" is an invitation to join a Fraternity.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a person who has accepted their bid, and will undergo a ritual conducted by the fraternity. It is quite literally a "promise" made by the individual to strive to become a full member of the Brotherhood.

Do you haze?

No. All recruitment and brother activities are designed to build teamwork, trust, professional development, brotherhood, and most importantly, to make sure you have and know what is necessary to be a good brother.

What is the time commitment of pledging?

The actual length varies with every semester, but mandatory requirements include attendance at weekly meetings and additional events. While the pledging process is at times very rigorous, it is also undoubtedly an invaluable learning and growing process that every potential brother must go through.

What if I have more questions?

Any further questions can be sent to us through our email or even better, come out to ask us in person!

What recruitment events should I go to?

We encourage students interested in membership to attend all events. They will give you the opportunity to learn more about our Fraternity and to forge relationships with Active Brothers. In order to be eligible for membership, attendance at two open rush events, a submission of an application, and an invitation to closed rush is required. If you do not meet this requirement for any reason, please notify our recruitment team at