About Alpha Kappa Psi

The International Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity

In 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was founded for the purpose of educating its members and the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in business and to further the individual welfare of members during college and beyond. College men and women everywhere are discovering that Alpha Kappa Psi is much more than just an organization or club — it is a unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates and professionals with common interests and goals. They join Alpha Kappa Psi to take advantage of valuable educational, friendship and networking opportunities.

Alpha Kappa Psi's Core Values






Trust, respect, cooperation, companionship and aid to brothers is the expected norm.

Education and experience is emphasized and shared.

Sharing of time, talent and treasure with society and with our fraternity is a priority.

A common understanding of our vision and values that transcends chapter, generation and professionalism is utilized to anticipate and create the future.

All actions, whether in business or in life, are guided by honesty, ethics and fairness.

Nu Chapter at Boston University

Most recently chartered in 2007, Alpha Kappa Psi Nu Chapter has been dedicated to exercising its core values in ways that benefit its members, Boston University, and the Boston Community. Its open professional events range from hosting mock interviews by senior recruiters from companies like Deloitte, PwC, Grant Thornton, and Ernst & Young, to an annual case competition. Nu Chapter also gives back by volunteering at resume workshops for Dress for Success, and hosting donation drives for the Salvation Army. Nu Chapter also has three groups exclusive to the Brotherhood that allow brothers to gain real-world experience and make a social impact in our community:

Nu Chapter Consulting Group (NCCG) offers pro-bono consulting services to start-ups in the Boston area, and NCCG leaders and associates often go on to pursue a career in consulting with leading firms.

Eye2Eye is a student-run nonprofit service organization focused on the furthering of women’s equality in the workplace and educational institutions.

Sapphire Investment Group (SIG) offers experience in quantitative investing through the Quantopian platform.